Use code "biffbuff" at The Boulder Theater's website for a discounted ticket on all films. Just enter the code in the ticket options page.

Moderator: Janet Robinson, Filmmaker: Sasha Collington, Filmmaker: Danielle Lurie, Industry Expert: Elizabeth Much, and Filmmaker: Dafna Yachin participate in a CU@BIFF panel discussion.

University of Colorado Alumni: Jason Fitzgerald, Jon Kull, Scott McElroy, and Boulder Native: John Patrick Lowrie participate in a CU@BIFF panel discussion.


In 2012, BIFF opened a new festival venue that is programmed, produced, and promoted by CU students (CU@BIFF). On the Saturday during the festival, the CU pavilion puts on a day of filmmaker workshops, women and film panel discussions, student film competitions, and live performances. Each event is free for CU students.


CU@BIFF extends the opportunity of programming, producing, and promoting to the students on campus. Through creativity and collaboration, CU students create a well-run space dedicated to film, professional networking, and theoretical discussion. CU@BIFF builds a bridge between the International Festival in Boulder's back yard, and our city's bright film students.


This year, the CU@BIFF venue will be running on Saturday, February 15th, 2014


CU@BIFF holds their annual event at Shine (Restaurant and Gathering Place), in the special events room. 2027 13th St. Boulder, CO. 80302