Educational Outreach


“Great storytelling is the oldest of all arts, the glue that holds together our culture and ourselves.”

Robin Beeck, Executive Director,
Boulder International Film Festival


To use film as a visual form for great storytelling — an effective way to open student eyes to the world outside their communities, and help them gain an understanding of critical issues facing our society. Additionally, to use film like literature to develop critical analysis skills and to reach a non-traveling student population with information on other cultures and societies. Finally, to encourage students to see film as an important avenue of expression, in addition to a potential career path.

Programs and Activities

Teen Short Film Competition Winners Announced

Here are the results from the first-ever Teen Short Films Competition, held at the Youth Pavilion during BIFF 2013!

Honorable Mention, “Ernesto” by Henry Dietrich, Conner Dawson, Connor Dripps & Brendan Mak (BHS)
Best Editing/Best Adventure Film: “Adventures in Summertime” by Jordon Groth (BHS)
Best Sound Editing: “Heroics 101″ by Derek Wayne Aiello (Monarch HS)
Best Production: “Appearances” by Peter Stewart Zachwieja (Fairview HS)
Best Screenplay/Comedy: “Work” by William Bangs (Monarch HS)
Best Director/Best Cinematographer: “Watching the Gallows” by Kolby Rowland (Fairview HS)
Best Overall: “Air Mail” by Peter Stewart Zachwieja (Fairview HS)

Boulder International Film Festival

Free tickets for students to films, panels, workshops • Students meet filmmakers • Student Volunteer Program • Short Filmmaking

World Cinema Days

BIFF hosts several ‘World Cinema Days’ throughout the school year. The goal is to keep students meaningfully engaged by screening thoughtful student appropriate documentaries, films and animation during unstructured days off such as teacher “professional development” or “in-service days,” and to help parents arrange activities for their child on these non-school days. World Cinema Days features a free film program, presentation and group discussion for students in grades 4 through 12.

Youth Advisory Council

In keeping with its commitment to bringing independent films to a wider audience the Festival formed a Youth Advisory Council (YAC). The Council was founded in 2008 and is made up of 12-15 local film enthusiasts in grades 8-12. The Council represents a youth voice at the Festival by assisting in the selection of films for the festival’s FREE student film program and promoting the films to students in Boulder County. The Council writes also produces, directs and edits several of its own films and assists in other filmmaking projects. Applications are available through our website in the spring for openings in the fall. Information about the Youth Advisory Council can be directed to

Visual Literacy Library

Grants teachers and community groups access to BIFF films that can be integrated into various curriculums and film programs.